Free Water Test In New York

At Endless Purified Water, Inc., we are dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of New York residents through access to clean, purified water. Considering the striking significance of water quality in a massive city such as New York. We provide a Free Water Test in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx and Long Island.

Identification of contaminants in your water supply is not all we provide – we provide more than simple filtration – beyond peace of mind. When you utilize this free offer, we are making one step in the right direction better for securing your home and business premises from diseases that are caused by water, ensuring that every New Yorker drinks clean and healthy water.

Why Test Your Water?

Safety of water quality is an important issue every family and business has to deal with, especially in areas like New York, where the population and industries established their roots in this area.

At-home water testing is yet another crucial factor that assists in discovering what components of the water are harmful to your health, as not all detectable taint may be detected by taste, odor, or color.

The effects of ingesting unhealthy water are devastating as they include stomach illnesses, neurological disorders, and reproductive problems and occur especially from prolonged consumption of contaminants such as lead.

A routine of testing the water proves the purity of the water that you use to drink, cook, or wash. If it comes to the households, it gives security to the health of the family members. To businesses, it ensures the safety of their workforce and customers while adhering to health regulations.

Considerably, you want to administer a preventative role. In that case, water testing is important as it effectively ensures the best quality of your water with regard to public health.

What Does Our Free Water Test Include?

Endless Purified Water, Inc. provides a free routine test and is considered to be specially designed for your needs to ensure the safety of the water quality. The process starts with an in-home visit by our expert technicians, who collect samples directly from your taps to reduce the contamination risks involved.

We painstakingly perform analyses for a wide variety of pollutants like lead, Chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, potential pH, alkalinity, and evidence of chemical pollutants. After that, samples are delivered to our modern laboratory, where they are thoroughly analyzed, applying new technologies and techniques to obtain accurate outcomes.

It is with the aim of offering you an understandable water quality profile to bring out health risks and provide viable solutions to possible problems in your water quality. This comprehensive approach provides you with a comprehensive picture of your water quality, making it easier for you to understand how and when you could treat/manage your water.

How Do We Make Our Free Water Test Available?

Ordering a trial from Endless Purified Water, Inc., for free is easy and meant for your convenience. First of all, please visit our website and submit an online form with your contact information and address, or feel free to call us to arrange your test. Your request is commenced, and the visit will be arranged at a convenient time.

On the test day, our certified technician will visit your premises, clearly identified with their company uniform and identification badge, assuring your comfort. Collected water samples are sent to a laboratory for analysis, which usually takes between thirty and sixty minutes. Our technicians collect water from different taps and areas in the house or the establishment.

Preparation of the sample immensely helps us in testing the most similar water that you consume on a regular basis. The delivery of this objective is to ensure that the test process is convenient and meaningful, providing you with accurate outcomes that leave you at ease with regard to the quality of water in your home.

Understanding Your Water Test Results

Having finished the free test of water, you would get from Endless Purified Water, Inc. the results that are demonstrated in simple terms, which are the level of contaminants that were detected and sub-optimal with safe drinking water limits. Fully understanding the implications of what the findings contain regarding the quality of your water is ensured by our experts.

After this first report, we provided individual consultations in order to discuss the conclusions in more detail. In these sessions, the specialist will be readily available to deal with any concerns, work on queries, and offer credible explanations of the effects on your well-being and safety.

Based on the results, we suggest customized treatments to help you improve your water quality, such as installing advanced filtration systems or particular purification treatments. We want to give you knowledgeable tools and find methods that are suitable to make sure your water is safe and clean enough.

Our Solutions For Water Purification And Filtration

Endless Purified Water, Inc. takes pride in its wide array of water purification and filtration products, which are uniquely designed to solve the water quality problems that we isolate through our testing process.

In our product range, we offer highly developed filtration systems, reverse osmosis, and UV purification equipment, which enable us to solve contamination problems starting from bacteria and heavy metals and ending with Chlorine and sediment.

Our exceptional technology guarantees us the unrivaled quality of water purity and taste that suits both home and business needs, which distinguishes us. We, therefore, innovate continually so as to offer the best water treatment systems in the market.

Our devotion to first-class performance resounds throughout our testimonials and case studies of our satisfied clients. These experiences are telling success stories about the realization of great improvement in water quality they have enjoyed and also tangible health benefits.

Our business focuses on bringing hygienic environmental water, and our valued assets in the delivery of this mission are the customers that we serve.

Why Choose Endless Purified Water, Inc.?

  • Expertise in Water Purification and Testing in New York

Endless Purified Water, Inc. outshines other companies with the innate knowledge of all water purification and testing protocols, which are strictly designed for the specific landscape of New York. Our in-depth understanding of local water-related issues enables us to approach and deliver the required services.

  • Certification and Qualifications of the Team

Our team consists of highly qualified certified professionals who aim to conduct comprehensive water tests. Each member of the team is provided with modern knowledge and means to provide our testing services, assuring their validity and reliability.

  • Commitment to Customer Service and Satisfaction

Notably, we at Endless Purified Water, Inc., are customer-oriented. The above compelling solidifies our intention to provide impeccable customer service and satisfaction through responsive support, private consultation, and the willingness to tackle the issues in your consideration after unwarranted delay.

  • Quick Turnaround Time from Testing to Solution Implementation

Loading sand into the valve lap leads to a sharp increase in the pressure of the spent waters. Then, they pass into the gasoline, communicating with the waste waters of the previous stage and located under the acid interaction space of the stage. Hence, treatment of the acid-spent water should be chemically controlled. The turnaround time is rapid, from the facility’s approach test to the installation of purification and filtration remedies. This way, you have a steady flow of safe water without time to wait.

Contact Us

Keep in mind that you can reach out to us anytime whenever you need to consult anything concerning your water quality. We are present under the Endless Purified Water, Inc. The phone number 516-746-3300 can be reached to us for immediate help. Or, you can go to our website and fill out our contact form online to message us.

Our office is at Cutter Mill Rd, Great Neck, NY 11021. Suppose you require information regarding free water tests, want to know about our water purification solutions, or have questions about your free benefits. In that case, you can get information about free water tests. We are here to provide all other information that you may need, including assistance in matters of water supply.


  • Why is the water test free of charge?

Water is a matter of life or death, and we have to realize this since we cannot live without it. Harmful bacteria entering us are very likely to cause death or serious injury to our health, especially if we are children. To serve our community, we provide you with a free test for water, as this will enable us to identify any problems with water quality before any costs arise.

  • Is purchase after testing compulsory?

Absolutely not. Our free water test is without strings attached. It is our service to you so that you will be informed and educated about your water quality. However, should pollutants be found, we will propose remedies, but whether to buy is your call alone.

  • How often do I test my water?

We suggest testing your water once a year to keep its safety and quality guarantees, as water circumstances may also shift in the long run due to new pollutants or transformations in the water supply framework. However, when you notice some variations in taste, color, or odor in your water, then you must test it more frequently.

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