Lead in Water Testing Services in New York

Endless Purified Water, Inc. is a leader in making sure every single individual in New York has a good, secure supply of water to consume. We provide full test lead services in New York, where Queens St. Harry, Manhattan, and New York City are located.

We aim to ensure the safety of people’s health and the environment. Lead poisoning is not unexpected to us. Therefore, we aim to identify any presence of lead combined with the removal of the same from the water source, leading to the protection of the health and well-being of your family.

We take care of it, ensuring that your water contains no dangerous level of lead using highly advanced testing tools and stringent water quality criteria. This ensures that you sleep soundly, not knowing for certain how you would have made it without a clear conscience of counteracting the dilemma your conscience would have projected if there was a sense of convenience to give in to the temptations and risks. This leaves us free and our communities safe.

Why Lead Testing is Essential?

Water lead tests are required as lead poisoning is very harmful to the health, especially to children and pregnant women. Lead can impair brain development, lower IQ, and aggravate heart and kidney disease in patients.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has strict measures and health standards to maintain low lead levels in drinking water to safeguard public health. New York’s local rules emphasize that lead pollution should become one of the most recognized and actively addressed issues, exacerbated even more by the fact that the city is still using its old infrastructural system.

Since old lines persist in use, there is a great risk of lead entering the water supply. Lead screening ensures that the water meets the required safety limits. This renders everyone in New York free from the adverse health effects of lead poison and ensures their safety.

Our Lead Testing Process

The testing of heavy metals such as lead in Endless Purified Water, Inc. is well-planned to ensure that the safety standards are met and attained with unquestionable accuracy.

Our professionals then sample the water from the land you own. Consequently, they use state-of-the-art instruments and equipment to gauge levels of lead. Even trace amounts of lead can then be detected using modern scientific tools like atomic absorption spectroscopy, etc. In this way, no pollution remains unrecorded.

We strictly comply with federal and state drinking water standards during general operation. This allows us to guarantee that our testing procedures satisfy or exceed all legal demands. Our strict procedure ensures exact results for our customers, who will know how to guarantee health and comply with safety measures correctly.

How to Request a Lead Test?

Thanks to Endless Purified Water, Inc., you can get a lead test to make sure that your drinking water is not contaminated. To begin, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Us: You can show by phone, email, or our website that you want to test if there is a lead. Our customer service representatives are at your service for any clarifications and bookings.
  2. Schedule Your Test: Select a time and date for your exam at your convenience. Our East Coast customers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx, and Long Island have a wide selection of schedule options tailored to suit their day-long activities.
  3. Prepare for the Visit: We require that you let the water run for some minutes and then avoid using it for an hour because our techs will come. This ensures that the sample obtained is a representative measure of the level of water consumption doubling that of normal times.
  4. Testing Day: Our licensed techs will take samples of water from your tap and act on any questions you might have about the procedure.
  5. Receive Your Results: By then, we’ll assess your samples and send you a detailed report on the level of lead content in your water, along with solutions if necessary.

The regularity allows one to have an instant and effortless solution to the quest for the security of one’s water. This will give you confidence and all the necessary facts about the right ways of protecting your health.

What Happens After Testing?

The reporting system adopted by Endless Purified Water, Inc., is transparent and quick. It is made after lead testing is completed. The standard time within which the results of water tests can be received is always told to a client when the samples are picked up.

In our comprehensive report, we not only mention the lead amounts that were detected, but we also set forth recommendations in regard to medical measures. Therefore, it is advised to follow them for the betterment of one’s health.

Identification is not where we stop if the levels of lead, according to data, happen to be more than what people believe to be safe. We are always providing personalized tips and solutions that really help to solve pollution. This can be prescribed to you by some lead or intermixture filtering systems and purification schemes that eliminate lead and other contagions from the water you drink.

If further follow-up meetings are needed to ensure we have lead-free water, our team is still available to guide you.

Our Solutions for Lead Contamination

Lead-contaminated water in homes and in companies is cleaned using the many options provided by Endless Purified Water, Inc., which sets the highest standards in terms of their application of high-tech filters and purifiers.

Since each case of contamination is unique, we take pride in the fact that all our solutions are individualized to the number of contamination as well as the special specifications for each client.

To complete the range of our possibilities, we present modern filtering systems, which will be suitable for getting rid of lead particles in water containers. This ensures that you use clean and safe water and drinks in your home.

Our team dedicates its efforts to eliminating lead problems – from an initial check to filter installation for improved efficiency. We also provide continuous support to ensure clean water. Be sure that with new options, we will preserve your health.

Why Choose Endless Purified Water, Inc.

As for the water quality and cleaning services, Endless Purified Water, Inc. distinguishes itself in providing customer ‘safe and happy’ as their primary concern. Our most valued things are our health and well-being. We have a proven track record of doing phenomenally well. Our team of experts, with their years of experience, makes us guarantee that your business will be serviced better than your competitors.

Our water quality and cleaning know-how are second to none, allowing us to deal with the most challenging water hassles. We always follow the latest technology and methods so that we can offer you a fresh choice that precisely suits your needs.

Don’t just believe us, though. Read the happy buyers from all over New York. The reviews they wrote about us demonstrate how devoted we are to client satisfaction, their trust in our ability to do the heavy lifting, and – above all – the fact that working with us allows them to reclaim their ability to seize joy without a second thought.

Selecting Endless Purified Water, Inc., you get a caring partner who is known for high-quality water management. Your comfort and well-being are the worthiest factors, among many others.

Contact Us

You can easily and quickly reach Endless Purified Water, Inc. by calling 516-746-3300 to schedule a lead test. Our devoted employees can assist you with sanitizing your flourishing water to ensure it’s drinkable.

For questions related to water safety, lead tests, or our services, please feel free. We appreciate your anxiety and are totally open to contacting us. At Endless Purified, Inc., we care about your wellness, as well as the quality of water you use, and we do not lessen on advising the best quality of water that does not compromise your health. Do not hesitate to contact us. Your welfare is our priority.


  • What sources of lead commonly enter the drinking water?

Lead is also likely to creep into drinking water in states via old-fashioned pipes and sewage stuff. It can also originate from well pumps, taps, and solder.

  • What makes lead in water hazardous to your health?

Low doses of lead poisoning severely affect people, especially young children and pregnant women. It may lead to behavior and physical development problems.

  • How often should I test my water for lead?

If you live in an old house or suspect it may be polluted, test it yourself for lead content. Second, it is advised to conduct them regularly, preferably every few years.

  • How would I know whether the lead amount in my water had been reduced or not?

This will reduce your lead level, as it is a good practice to allow water to run for a minute before you drink or use it for cooking purposes. You should also install an applicable lead filter.

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